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Male Body Fun 102 from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for April

MALE BODY FUN 101 with Dr. Teresa Wood!!!

Become sexy and wiser just by watching this video.  Oh, and get clues here!

New clues to be released by Sunday May 4th, 2014 if the Beaver is not found by then!

LUBE … read more about it! from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for March 2014

This month’s all about LUBE !!!

Yep, that slippery fun liquid you all want to know about.

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A recap of last years April:  Safe Sexy Tips get LUBED up for summer…

Due to an emergency circumstance beyond her control, Dr. Teresa was unable to join us in Whistler this April.  Her entertaining, juicy, straight-talk on sex: The Hotter Sex Talk has been postponed to Feb 2014, just on time for Valentine’s Day!!  In the meantime, ski season is rolling into biking and beaching season in Whistler.  So, as the layers peel off for summertime, here is the last Safe Sexy Tip for 2013, courtesy of Dr. Teresa, to help keep the ski bunnies hopping all summer long…

WETTER SEX IS BETTER SEX is a great motto for so many reasons.  And, while I’m sure we’re all dying for more info on Female Ejaculation, we’ve gotta have at least one teaser to bring you back for next season!  As for now, there are a few important things everyone should know about LUBE.  So, let’s dive in:

First of all, LUBE is something most women’s vaginas make in copious amounts when a properly chosen person is acting in the right way to make her juices start to pour. This is assuming she feels as safe and sober, so as to be fully consenting. REMEMBER:  a staggeringly drunk or uncontrollably giggling “yes” is not consent in Canada!  Wait till the next morning for proper consent! It may save a lot of unwanted outcomes.

The yoni–a word I prefer over “vagina”–produces a thick, slippery-slidey, natural lube via its lining, its cervix and the glands near the opening.  In previous months, we covered how to get things excited and engorged, and most of it revolves around the mind/brain–our biggest sex organ–and the expansive clitoral matrix–look it up on!  When the mind is at ease, and the erectile tissue stimulated (HINT:  the clitoris still the easiest access–keep it moist and INVOLVED at all times!) the slippery juices start to flow. So, please, do not reach for the lube, just to save you vital clitoral time! This is not about making things wet for some other goal.  Making things wet IS one of the greatest goals, and an early sign of great success!

So, when do you need artificial lube at all, you might ask?  Well, there are enough situations a seasoned lover might encounter that make bedside or back-pocket lube come in quite handy.

For one, women who ejaculate copious amounts (next season, we will cover the Who Wet What When and Why’s of this phenomenon) sometimes actually wash away a lot of the slippery lubricating secretions with the more watery/alkaline squirts and splashes of their ejaculate. This means, she and her lover, need to think LUBE–and likely towels!  :)

Anal sex almost always requires large amounts of LUBE, as the anus is not as prolific as the yoni in its production of slippery wetness.  And slippery means a lot of important things, like decrease pain, injury, and abrasions and all that stuff you’d rather avoid, when you’re having fun.

Furthermore, LUBE can be used as part of extended Safe Sexy foreplay, in lieu of bodily fluids, such as saliva, to make things, well, WETTER. For instance, the clitoral head and the glans penis (the head) can be quite sensitive (even hurt!) when dry, and quite sensitive in a much happier way when lubed. Dryness can lead to cracks and tears that increase the chances of bacterial or STI exchange. So, again: WETTER IS BETTER.  And use your latex!

So, do you just go to a pharmacy and buy some KY? Or what?  I’d say: WHAT!  The lubes sold at pharmacies, for some reason this doctor cannot understand, usually contain things I do not recommend for the average yoni. So many women get reactions to the spermicides and other chemicals in these “lubes”.  As far as I can tell–and please, industry folk, contact me if you have a better reason!–the lubes sold at the pharmacy are there for spermicidal benefit.  In other words, they reduce a person’s chances of getting pregnant–hopefully not only because she won’t be able to have sex for weeks, till a savvy doctor sorts out her achy yoni!  Much like for condoms, I recommend Whistler’s Love Nest, Womyn’s Ware, or other savvy sex positive shops for finding something that feels good too, and won’t deter you from sex completely.

CHOOSING LUBE:  Do not use oil based lube around latex–the condoms will fall apart.  Do not use silicone based lube around silicone dildos or toys–they will eat at each other.  Do not use glycerin based lube if your prone to yeast or bacterial infections.  Sugar feeds the infections.  So what do I use, Doctor?

I recommend water based non-glycerin lubes, preferable without flavor (sugar) such as the Canadian made “O’My!” lube, for use with condoms and silicone toys.  I recommend silicone lubes for very sensitive skin/yonis and for the most long lasting slippery feel.  “Eros” and “Pure” made the original silicone lubes, and I have yet to find one that matches these in quality, duration, and slipperiness. Don’t buy the “for women” one, as it just seems to be a diluted version of the regular one, so you need more and go through it faster.

Silicone is probably your best bet for any anal play–it’s thicker, more slippery, durable.  Slather it on, externally and internally BEFORE you start and add more DURING. If you are using silicone toys for anal play cover them with a latex condom to protect. Silicone is also the one I most recommend for the big ejaculators–you know who you are!   If you keep towels beside your bed, you should also have silicone lube there!  Watery wetness is not always slippery enough.  And slippery is often desirable.

There is a lot of info about lube at your local sex shop, the Love Nest. You can also look online at the lesbian run or woman/sex positive shops like Womyn’s Ware and Toys in Babeland for more information.  If you find something you want online, but not in town, tell the friendly folk at The Love Nest!! They are your local resource, and in the business of making your Lovin’ Lovelier.  So, ASK them for what you most desire!

Most importantly, I do NOT encourage artificial LUBE as a means to shorten ‘her sex’ (the non-intercourse stuff) for ‘his sex’ (the intercourse stuff).  This just makes her a vessel for someone else’s pleasure by skipping the need to prove she’s into it.  Don’t do it!  And ladies, just say “NO!” to bad sex!  You should be getting wet enough naturally!  And if you feel there is never enough, it may be time to see a sex therapist.  Maybe you have some hang-ups to clear away.  Maybe you need some tips about how to ask for what you really need/want. That’s what sex therapists & coaches do!  So please address this rather than reaching for the artificial LUBE to “tolerate” sex.  Sex is BETTER WETTER, and a naturally-lubed yoni is like an erect penis: a sign of an already good time!

Enjoy your summer!  Play safe, ride safe, be safe!  Wear your helmets & condoms. See you next winter!

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Is Wetter Sex Better Sex? from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for February 2014

This is a little recap from last years column in case you have not seen Dr. Wood’s thoughts about wetter sex, healthy sexuality and a whole lot more! Have a read!


This month, we continue the theme of Making Sex even Wetter with a few things you’ll wish you’d always known about men and women…

About Women:  The more she’s moaning, and groaning, and the more excited she sounds, and the more heavily she’s breathing, the more she is saying “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” This is in direct contrast to “YES!  Let’s stop this hot, arousing, juicy activity that I am thoroughly enjoying, and start a completely different thing that will last about 1-2 minutes, be somewhat hot, but then, end so suddenly, that I am again left OH-SO-FRUSTRATED!  And rather …cuddly!”  (the over-cuddles of the sexually frustrated!)

Because we are told that her pleasure is “for play”, we might miss that this may just BE the sex she’s been wanting and needing!

DON’T STOP! The more noise she makes and the heavier she’s breathing, the more she wants you to do EXACTLY what you’re doing for a MUCH longer time! And it’s not about time at all—it’s about satisfaction.  She CAN get there, just keep doing what gets her going till she advises otherwise.


Ladies! Don’t make them do it all by themselves!! You’re there! BE there! Help the poor lads out! Give ‘em some direction if they’re lost—no one told them how to do this!  Why not touch your own body (don’t be shy!) and take over on the clitoris for a while, so your lover can focus on something you can’t do when you’re alone! Four hands can be better than two!

And if intercourse is sprinkled in at any time, do not let that stop the clitoris activity!!  Putting a stop to clitoris stimulation can drop a woman’s orgasm stats drastically!  Ideally a woman’s 2nd or 3rd orgasm is underway by the time any intercourse is initiated. Even then, don’t stop! Keep those orgasms coming!  The rhythmic contractions of the orgasmic genitals squeezing the penis shaft will make any guy thrilled he didn’t skip the good parts this time around.  And hopefully never again!


About men: when you’re touching a man, it’s the same. More noise, and moaning, equals DO MORE OF THAT! Don’t be shy to ask for advice: Faster? Slower? Here? There? Or ask your favorite gay man for advice!!  He’s likely got LOADS of ideas. (Don’t worry! Whistler ALWAYS has PRIDE going on!) One thing he might tell you, is at least PRETEND you LOVE what you’re doing!

There is so much shaming around oral sex and all foreplay for men and women, we forget that we might REALLY LOVE trying to turn our lovers on for HOURS. We are so shy to explore, that we focus on the known—which is SO LITTLE.


Sex is fun, folks! Enjoy giving and receiving! Alternate. Explore! Play!  And communicate!  “Yes that! Not so fast! Harder!” It’s ok to say!!!  Make some noise!  It doesn’t have to be loud, but it sure as heck could be proud!  No lover wants to play the guessing game about whether you’d like to really be there or not!  A little “mmm hmmm!” here or there, can go a long way—or take you there!


Try a month of lovin’ without intercourse.  Triple your wetness! Change your sexual outlook! Get excited about each other’s bodies! And don’t let anyone or your mind tell you it’s BAD or WRONG to feel so good, or to make someone else feel so good. Foreplay is some of the best sex out there.  Don’t get fooled into thinking it’s a means to some other end.


Imagine that your main goal is to watch your lover have the most satisfying sexual experience ever—at your hands! You want THEM to experience the maximum sexual pleasure, and you are going to enjoy watching them have it, and enjoy being part of creating it.  Now really, take a moment and imagine it! …


So? What did it look like? Intercourse? Unlikely. Or, hopefully not, rather, or we’ll have to send you back to re-read December/January/February’s columns!!

Go use your imagination. Play with pleasing yourself and your significant other. Pretend there is “no goal” to sex. Just BE with each other, in a way that doesn’t skip over the things that truly make sex WETTER and BETTER.  If Lorri Petty starred in the movie Mermaids, this could loosely make sense:  Brangelina. See last month’s safe-sexy tip for a few more ideas. And please, DON’T STOP as soon as the going gets good. That’s when you KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.


Please always, BE SAFE, not SORRY. Once your sex life is as juicy as can be, you’ll be so glad you kept it healthy.  The JUICIER your sex life, the more ravenously you’ll want to protect it. In the meantime, just trust that it’s worth protecting forever!


FTB January Clue with Dr. Teresa Wood from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for January

Dr. Teresa Wood & her Sexy Sex Talk coming to Millennium Place Theatre soon!  All you ever wanted to know and more!


Find all Dr. Woods Safe-Sexy Tips column on this website and get up so speed on your sexpert speak!

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Dr. Teresa Wood with Find the Beaver - Dec 2013 from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for December


Dr. Teresa’s Safe-Sexy Tip here for your viewing pleasure!  Find all her Safe-Sexy Tips column on this website and get up so speed on your sexpert speak!

Remember, Find The Beaver is your one stop shop to sexual health resources in and around Whistler! Check out these amazing Resources!

NEW SAFE-SEXY INFO OUT SOON for your Holiday pleasure!

Safe-Sexy Tip for November


Dr. Teresa’s Safe-Sexy Tip here for your viewing pleasure!  Find all her current Safe-Sexy Tips on this website and get up so speed on your sexpert speak!

Remember, Find The Beaver is your one stop shop to sexual health resources in and around Whistler! Check out these amazing Resources!


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