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April winner

April Winner

Congrats to Dhana Cravalho! She’s super stoked to have found it… Now it’s BOUNCE time!!

April Found

Beaver Status… FOUND!


Nice work Dhana Cravalho… she worked hard to find it.   

Next Hunt starts May 3rd. 


Clue #3: Two fanatics riding the mountain one day, decided to go into business. Fanatyk Co Ski and Bikes 

Clue #2:   Ancient greece is a place where they may have considered a good clue to be a gnomon, since gnomon is ancient greek for “indicator”.  Gnomon means Sundial. Sundial Hotel…

Clue #1:  Village has a sister.  And her name is Lois. Lois Lane. Village Lane.


Bounce monthly prize

April Prize

25x pass to BOUNCE

12 trampolines, 1 foam pit = LOTS OF FUN! Need we say more!? 

Valued at $260. Drop in is $15.


Safe-Sexy Tip for April

We are often taught about the importance of learning how to say “No” when it comes to sex… But we’ve rarely been told/taught how to express our wants and desires… Or how to fully embrace our sexual pleasure.

Practice telling your partner what you like, what you would like more of, and how you feel about various sexual acts. It will help you feel closer, more open, and enhance your satisfaction… both sexually and relationally.

March winner

March Winner

Congrats to  Ashley Richardson for winning 2 snowmobile trips thanks to Canadian Snowmobile!

After hunting for the little bugger for several months, she finally found him. Showing her true Canadian side she was able to sniff him out!

March FOUND w original photo

Beaver Status… Found!!


The beaver has been located. Details on who beat you to finding him coming soon.

Where he was? In a stump. At the end of a fence. Near some bird houses. By a cobble stone circle. Between the library and Splitz Grill.

The Clues:

Clue #3: This would be a formal setting for a game of wink murder.

Clue #2: Hunt for it. Go to the Safe-Sexy Page and start reading. You will become a little wiser -  full of sex knowledge and one more step closer to finding the beaver.

Clue #1: Near a house that no one will ever live in.

** Next hunt begins April 5th

March Prize

March Prize

Canadian Snowmobile Adventures have a passion for all things outdoors and adventurous! Expertly guiding Whistler’s guests since 1993 through the spectacular Callaghan Valley and on Blackcomb Mountain.
Whether you’re looking for an thrilling adventure on a snowmobile, mountain-top dining, a serene snowshoe journey through the forest or an exhilarating dogsled run, they have the once in a lifetime experience for you.

This months prize is a Wilderness Run!!
Carve your way through the remote backcountry of the Callaghan Valley to a rustic cabin on Sproatt Mountain. Rugged BC Wilderness surrounds you while you ride through thickly forested trails and across frozen lakes.  Discover awe-inspiring landscape experience the excitement and freedom of a truly CANADIAN backcountry adventure.
2 sleds… for 2 people – Value of $378.


Safe-Sexy Tip for March

Looking for ways to improve your sex life? Start with yourself.  And we don’t mean masturbation! 

Rooting around for answers in all the wrong places?  Here’s the deal, people see counsellors for many different reasons including wanting to improve relationships with self and others. Here’s an amazing opportunity, the Counselling Assistance Program at Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) is designed to provide subsidy for low income Whistler residents who would like to see a private counsellor. More information on how to access the program can be found online

February found copy


Hey everyone… after 8 days out in the field our little Beaver has been found yet again!  At this stage you gotta be fast or we’re just gonna have to get a little more cryptic for you all!

This months winner… LAURA GRUNDY!  Way to go.

Where was it?  Outside the Carleton Lodge… the snowmobile parked outside… in it’s belly, under the tracks!

Way to go Laura.. you are our 4th winner this season…

See the Beaver Schedule for the next hunt start date.

photo february found

February’s Clues

Clue #2: In the belly of the beast.  And this really can be a beast

Clue #1: If only horses could wear snowshoes…

**Stay tuned for a bonus clue on Sunday!!

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