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Safe-Sexy Tip for September

Hottest Sex = Safest Sex

What if the HOTTEST sex you had was also the SAFEST?

SEX drives us. Young & older people alike chase or are chased by sexual encounters to satisfy their sex drive–or those of others–consciously or unconsciously. Because of social pressures, unplanned pregnancies, STI’s, drugs and alcohol, sex with others can sometimes feel unsafe…

But females & males of all species HAVE a sex drive–or guess what?! –we wouldn’t be here!! Still, giving sex away, getting drunk or high to feel comfortable or exposing ourselves to unprotected sex is NOT the only way to satisfy our natural drive–and not the hottest either!! If you love sex, protect it! If you don’t love sex, then never give it away: first learn how to enjoy it for yourself! And MOST OF ALL: Love Yourself!!! Yeah, you heard me: Masturbation is much more than a word that makes teens & granny’s uncomfortable… It’s Self-Loving at its rip-roaring finest!!! It’s safe, it’s free, it’s fun, and if it isn’t the HOTTEST sex you are having, maybe you ought-a PRACTICE MORE!! You are the best, deepest, most safe, longest-term lover & friend you will ever have. Period. If sex with YOU is enjoyed regularly, and self-discovery encouraged, along with healthy self-love, then you can become SELF-fulfilled & chose sex with others in a more positive, smart, safe way, only when you WANT it (not out of neediness or fear!) You will walk around strong, satisfied, in love with you & HOT. Why? Because you love you! So, drop your hang-ups, make some time & watch your sex life flourish! You may amaze you!

For more empowerment about Self-Love at its Rip-Roaring Finest, see & arrange a fun talk on How-To!


Safe-Sexy Tip for August

Just in!!!!  Alcohol is still the most frequently implicated in substance-assisted sexual assault, even over any date rape drug.  So hang on to your drinks, pass up those drinks you’re offered that you haven’t seen poured and why not get your wing man/women to keep an eye out for ya!

Julyna it up yo!

Although the beaver was found, it doesn’t mean that Julyna is over. Have a looksky and be inspired…

July Safe-Sezy

Safe-Sexy Tip for July

Is there anything a stylish vajayjay can’t accomplish? We don’t think so. Face it. You’ve always wanted to test out a Landing Strip. Or perhaps, inexplicably, an Arrow!

Julyna is more than a catchy name. It’s a charitable organization that’s here to prove that our collective pubic power is greater than cervical cancer. For the month of July, we’re encouraging women to style their pubic hair in order to fundraise and spread awareness about this harmful disease.

That’s right. Our muffs are making things happen. Because when our womanhood is threatened, it’s up to all of us to take a stand, put our hair up and get down to business.  That’s why we’re using them to go up against a disease that threatens countless of Canadian women each year.

So let’s get together. Linked by our pronounced pubic hair, we’ll help promote education, healthy lifestyle choices and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Ladies, start your grooming.  To all you Movember Men, help the gals out there and help support Julyna.  Spread the word!

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the major cause of cervical cancer and is spread through genital skin-to-skin contact. There are two vaccines approved for use in Canada to prevent HPV infection. These vaccines should be viewed as a complement, not a replacement for cervical cancer screening.
Luckily, women can prevent most incidences of cervical cancer by properly screening themselves for the disease. The preventative vaccine program is open to young females 9 years and older.  If a woman is 21 years of age and has become sexually active she should have a Pap test every 1 – 3 years.

Cervical Cancer Facts

1)It is estimated that 1300 Canadian women and their families will have to deal with the reality of a cervical cancer diagnosis this year alone Cervical cancer can affect young women in their 20’s and 30’s
2) It is the second most common cancer in women aged 20-44, after breast cancer
3) Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by a common virus called HPV
4) Approximately 75% of sexually active men and women in Canada will have at least one HPV infection in their lifetime. For some, tis will lead to cervical cancer
5) 350 women in Canada still die of cervical cancer each year

What is Cervical Cancer?
Click here for more detailed information about cervical cancer, risk factors, screening, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.


Safe-Sexy Tips for June

Ever wonder why you’re maybe having a difficult time having an orgasm?  Performance anxiety?  Maybe not! Could be that excessive alcohol and anti-depressant medications have a substantial impact on your ability to have an orgasm… For both men and women!  So… If you’re struggling in this regard, take a look at how much you’re drinking and/or the types of medications you are taking.  The solution to the problem may be as simple as decreasing the amount of alcohol you are consuming… Or talking with your doctor about alternative medications.


Safe-Sexy Tip for May

With spring here it’s great to give your car a little lovin after the harsh winter.  Oil change, lube job, air filter… Why not do the same for yourself?  Bit of a springtime maintenance program at the Safe-Clinic in the Medical Centre behind Marketplace.  Get hooked up with all kinds of contraceptives for a discounted rate, STI examinations that are mellow, you’ll feel relieved once it’s done.  Let’s not forget pregnancy evaluations and home tests for a fraction of the price anywhere else.  It’s your one-stop-shop sexual health style, check out their info here or call the Safe-Clinic.

Safe-Clinic’s New springtime & summer hours  – Tuesdays 4:30 – 7:30PM. Info @ Find The Beaver .com

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