Whistler Based Resources


WCSS:  Available programs and services geared to Whistler residents.  Re-use-it centre, counseling services, food bank, outreach workers and loads more.

Whistler Survival Guide

Whistler Community Resources Chart

Claire Mozes, Outreach Program Manager –  604-902-0670, claire@mywcss.org

Davin Moore, Outreach Supervisor – 604-938-3902, davin@mywcss.org

Jackie Dickinson, Drug and Alcohol Educator and Outreach Worker - 604-902-5089, jackie@mywcss.org

Community Policing Officer, RCMP

1-604-932-3044 non emergency

Whistler Is Awesome

Whistler is Awesome
A community based website dedicated to the celebration, promotion and preservation of Whistler’s spirit with a positive spin.


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