Jan Winner

April Winner

A big congrats to Emily Kane, finder of The Beaver! Enjoy your day of Catskiing or snowboarding with Powder Mountain Catskiing – valued at over $500!!! Yew!!

Next hunt starts February 5th. Stay tuned!

Jan Found

Beaver Status – FOUND

Yup. Someone beat you to it. Where was he you might ask??

Under the southern corner of The Cascade Lodge.

The clues for this hiding spot are the same as the waterfalls of which they allude to: cascading. Waterfalls cascade. You shouldn’t pursue them according to TLC…

Clue #1: One thing that does this, is something that you shouldn’t pursue…

Clue #2: …According to TLC…

The clues that you never saw, but we were hoping would help you….

Clue #3: …The artists who sing “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls”…

Clue #4: Waterfalls have been known to cascade.

Next hunt starts February 5th!

Jan prize Powder Mountain

January’s Prize

This January win one full day of Catskiing or snowboarding with Powder Mountain Catskiing – valued at over $500!!!

‘When it snows in Whistler, it snows even harder at Powder Mountain Catskiing. We traditionally get double to triple the snow from a storm cycle than Whistler Blackcomb. That means if you want to ski or ride powder on your trip to Whistler, you can come skiing with us. Fun, exhilarating and the adventure of a lifetime! Visit us for more information!’

Safe-Sexy Tip for January

Heard of the Opt clinic?

Yeah, neither had we! Until now. Gain some wisdom by watching this video about the Opt Clinic and learn about your one-stop-shop for sexual health resources in Whistler!

Starting pic

2015 Hunt Starts Soon!!

Check back at 12pm on Thursday!

April Winner

April Winner

A big congrats to this months Beaver finder!

Katie Bechtel made it happen with her dedication and determination. Her advice?

“Stay motivated, by competing against your loved ones… I found it before my partner and will be reminding him daily for the next 6 months before the hunt starst again!”

Enjoy  6 month membership to Meadow Park Sports Centre and  your staycation at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler! We hope you’re at least taking your partner since you’re reminding him daily that you’re the winner ;)


April 14 FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND

That’s it! Game over for the season. The Beaver has been found!

A BIG THANK YOU to you for getting out there and hunting this season. It is now time to let The Beaver run loose and have fun. Spring time means making baby time – for beavers at least. See you next November when it’s time for hibernating again!

Now. Where was he? In a tree behind Earls and the roadside Holiday Inn sign.

Clues #1.  Some say Saturday, some say Sunday, but we’re not too sure. Could Tuesday be the holiest day?

Explanation:  Holy day.  Holiday.  Holiday Inn.

Clue #2.  This building was once a popular franchise made even more popular by their t-shirt marketing, which was not  commonly executed so successfully in their industry.

Explanation:  Earls was once a Hard Rock Cafe.

Clue #3.  We’ve never personally known anyone with this name.  But this is his restaurant.

Explanation:  Earls.

Clue #4.  In real life can beavers climb trees?

Explanation:  The beaver is in a tree!

Male Body Fun 102 from LUNA Whistler on Vimeo.

Safe-Sexy Tip for April

MALE BODY FUN 101 with Dr. Teresa Wood!!!

Become sexy and wiser just by watching this video.  Oh, and get clues here!

New clues to be released by Sunday May 4th, 2014 if the Beaver is not found by then!

monthly prize april

April Prize

Be the first to find The Beaver this month and you score these sick prizes!! A total value of OVER $700!!!

GET FIT and ready for bathing suit season with a 6 Month Membership to Meadow Park Sports Centre. (Must be redeemed by May 15th, 2014)

Meadow Park Sports Centre is Whistler’s community hub for sports, leisure and more This multipurpose facility provides residents and visitors with a wide selection of services and amenities including a six-lane pool, kids’ pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub. The complex also houses an arena, squash courts, weight room and a fitness studio.


Enjoy a STAYCATION with a one night stay for two at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler!

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is nestled at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler’s landmark ski-in ski-out hotel and BC golf resort. The Fairmont Chateau Whistler defines mountain luxury. Combining classic elegance and a modern alpine setting, this award-winning Whistler hotel showcases exceptional dining, full resort amenities, unsurpassed guest service, Vida Spa and Fairmont Gold - Fairmont’s exclusive lifestyle hotel experience.

(Must be 19 or over and a credit card is required for the $100 damage deposit when booking the room.)

WIN $50 Nester gift Card!


So this months amazing prize donation of $200 NESTERS gift cards + an epic snowmobile trip for two with CANADIAN WILDERNESS ADVENTURES was won so quickly by an avid Beaver Hunter that we thought you might like to try and win something else!


HOW: Check out Dr. Woods March 2014 Safe-Sexy video and all the info is there!

Your one stop shop to Sexual Health & Healthy Sexuality resources in Whistler!

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