Find The Beaver

Gotta be 18 – 35 to play!

Hello.  Are you tired of strolling around and not looking for treasure?  Well things are about to change my friend!

Welcome to ‘FIND THE BEAVER’.  We (see founding groups) have taken it upon ourselves to give the residents of Whistler a reason to solve clues and hunt for treasure, except that when we say “treasure” we really mean “Victor”.

You see, each month, we are going to hide Victor, our resident 7-inch tall ceramic beaver, somewhere in Whistler Village. Then, using clues found in our ads in the local newspapers, and on our website, it’s up to you to track him down, and return him to us for a lucrative reward-prize, valued at around $500 dollars.  These prizes, donated by local businesses, will range anywhere from fancy dinners to outdoor adventures to recreational passes to groceries. Treasures that even the most connected folks in town would have trouble getting their wild little hands on. Hot damn!

Along with the cryptic tips we’ll give you, you’ll also find some information about sexual health, to make sure you know what’s up.  Everyone loves health, and there are definitely a few people out there that are interested in sex.  So why not combine them, right?

So stay sharp, be safe, and stop at nothing to make sure you are the lucky tracker that hunts down the majestic, the noble, the illustrious beaver.

See Contest rules for more info!


Starting November 21st, 2013 – it’s on!  Use the clue(s) and start hunting for that beaver around town! There will be information in the PIQUE of “The Beaver” (as seen in the photo) hidden somewhere in town with a cryptic clue. There will also be additional clues and information delivered on this website. The first person to find the missing Beaver and return it to the Youth Center during drop-in hours in the allotted time frame gets a wicked prize donated by an establishment in the community! Check out rules below, so that you can collect your prize.

Don’t worry, there are not very many.

  1. Participants must be between 18-35 years in age.
  2. PHOTO ON LOCATION required to win… take a tourist style photo of you and The Beaver at the hidden location… PG rated only please!  This is essential in order to claim your prize!
  3. Be kind to the The Beaver, return it in great condition.
  4. Only one person can win each month. Most prizes will be for 2 people activities, but that is not guaranteed.
  5. The beaver needs to be returned with photo within 17 days (see schedule) of the first clue being provided in the local paper, or the 3rd Saturday after the clue was posted in the paper by 10pm to the The YC (whistler’s youth centre).
  6. See the Beaver Schedule on this site for a list of the Beaver launch date and due dates.
  7. No organizers of this event are eligible to win – so hands off the beaver!
  8. Open to full-time Whistler residents only.
  9. Play at your own risk. This is meant to be a fun and engaging game and we ask that you are respectful of you fellow community members.

Beaver Drop-off Location
The YC (Whistler’s youth centre)
Phone #: 604-935-8187 Office Hours 9am-5pm M-F give us a call to confirm we’re in.

Location: 4335 Blackcomb Way, Whistler BC, V0N 1B4 (in other words…the basement of Millennium Place!) See where we are on a map!

YC Open Hours: 3:30pm-11pm Fri, 6pm-10pm Sat
Luna Lounge Hours: 7pm-10pm Tues (in the Youth Centre)
*hours are subject to change, please call for more information

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