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Sept winner

September Winner

This girls smart. Two clues and Jenn Walczyk found the beaver. Partner up with her. Maybe she’ll help you find next months!

Sept Found pic

Beaver Status – FOUND!


Holy, this one was fast… took only two clues and Jenn Walczyk found the beaver!  Great job!

To the boys working the help desk… you know who your are… again, you have turned up DRY!  What’s the deal… surely you lot can find the beaver?

Clue # 4:  Going from BW to WOP, you’d take this short path, and the celery with no ants on it would be just to your left!

Clue # 3:  “Ok, but they’re only available in primary colours.”  “That’s cool, we’ll take 15.”

Clue # 2:  Charlie Brown’s friend, Linus, has a unique holiday hero, who should hang out at this place because then maybe it would be appropriately named.

Clue # 1:  Like celery with peanut butter and raisins on it, but you’ve dropped the celery and now all the raisins have fallen off!

Fruv Logo big

September Prize

$300.00 gift certificate to Früv Freedomwear in Whistler!

Früv Freedomwear is a local yoga and activewear retailer and manufacturer.  Früv Freedomwear is best know for its fresh and fun yoga creations in ecofriendly fabrics, all Canadian designed and produced.  Früv’s mission is to not only create beautiful yoga freedomwear, but to build a community of friends dedicated to making this world a sillier and happier place by having fun, being kind to the planet and little old ladies.  “Everyone get your Früv on!


Safe-Sexy Tip for September

Hottest Sex = Safest Sex

What if the HOTTEST sex you had was also the SAFEST?

SEX drives us. Young & older people alike chase or are chased by sexual encounters to satisfy their sex drive–or those of others–consciously or unconsciously. Because of social pressures, unplanned pregnancies, STI’s, drugs and alcohol, sex with others can sometimes feel unsafe…

But females & males of all species HAVE a sex drive–or guess what?! –we wouldn’t be here!! Still, giving sex away, getting drunk or high to feel comfortable or exposing ourselves to unprotected sex is NOT the only way to satisfy our natural drive–and not the hottest either!! If you love sex, protect it! If you don’t love sex, then never give it away: first learn how to enjoy it for yourself! And MOST OF ALL: Love Yourself!!! Yeah, you heard me: Masturbation is much more than a word that makes teens & granny’s uncomfortable… It’s Self-Loving at its rip-roaring finest!!! It’s safe, it’s free, it’s fun, and if it isn’t the HOTTEST sex you are having, maybe you ought-a PRACTICE MORE!! You are the best, deepest, most safe, longest-term lover & friend you will ever have. Period. If sex with YOU is enjoyed regularly, and self-discovery encouraged, along with healthy self-love, then you can become SELF-fulfilled & chose sex with others in a more positive, smart, safe way, only when you WANT it (not out of neediness or fear!) You will walk around strong, satisfied, in love with you & HOT. Why? Because you love you! So, drop your hang-ups, make some time & watch your sex life flourish! You may amaze you!

For more empowerment about Self-Love at its Rip-Roaring Finest, see & arrange a fun talk on How-To!

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