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Oct winner

October Winners

Congrats to Kieran Hatton and Claire Cowdon. They had the day off, and nothing to do so they went beaver hunting! Now they have a membership to Meadow Park Sports Centre. No more days of ‘nothing to do’!

Oct Found pic

Beaver Status – FOUND!

We have a winner!! You people are getting too smart.

Where was he you may ask!? Under the bridge. In the bushes. Near the movie theater.

Clue #4: The most famous of these have super-long, unnaturally-coloured hair, but the ones that don’t are known to hang out in places like this. ** Troll

Clue #3: If a human-being carrying skiis approached you and asked you a question, you might consider it inappropriate unless you were here. ** Name of cross ‘street’ in Village-Skiers’ Approach

Clue #2: Arguably, the single most uncommon thing about this place is its name, which starts with a letter that is not “E”. **Just so you know. **uncommon thing… is it’s name ‘Village Common’

Clue #1: Usually required for a specific task, I appear laughable, but I do serve a functional purpose! **Bridge


October Prize

This month our lucky Beaver Winner can choose from one of 3 amazing prizes from Meadow Park Sports Centre and Lost Lake Cross Country & Snowshoe!

Choose one of either:
1) 6 month MPSC pass valued @ $316
2) 1 months MPSC pass + Lost Lake x-country pass valued @ $338
3) 3 months MPSC pass + Lost Lake x-country night owl pass valued @ $309

The Meadow Park Sports Centre is Whistler’s community hub for sports, leisure and more!

This multipurpose facility provides residents and visitors with a wide selection of services and amenities including a six-lane pool, kids’ pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub. The complex also houses an arena, squash courts, weight room and a fitness studio. A variety of recreation programs are offered including fitness classes, aqua fitness, swimming lessons and public skating.

Lost Lake Cross Country & Snowshoe.
Explore the Lost Lake cross-country trails and experience winter in Whistler from
an entirely different perspective. With approximately 25 kilometres of groomed
and track set trails, Lost Lake offers incredible views of Whistler and Blackcomb
Mountains. Enjoy the new amenities of the Lost Lake PassivHaus; ski and snowshoe
rentals, lessons, cafe, washrooms and daylodge area (with kitchenette).


Safe-Sexy Tip for October

Good Vibe WOWs for Whistler Winters!!!

Males and Females alike have vibration-sensors ALL OVER their bodies, especially between their legs! So why spread STI’s when we can spread the GOOD VIBES…!

Last month, we were reminded that some of the Hottest Sex—and Safest Sex!!—we could all be having is with ourselves! (See September’s Safe Sexy Tip) Some of us are out of practice, others don’t know where to start, others still are wondering how to bring such good vibes into their relationships.  So how ‘bout some WOWs (Words of Wisdom) about spreading the GOOD VIBRATIONS!

Men & women alike have vibration-sensors ALL OVER their external genitalia, and these extend about 1-2 inches (3-5cm) INTO the genital orifices. That means that vibrating toys, water jets, and fast moving fingers can be pleasing to the clitoris, penis, nipples, perineum, labia, anus, and just inside both the vagina and anus.  So you’ll be pleased to know that good vibes (and vibrators!) can often be used to everyone’s advantage, in partner sex as well—if and when you have a Safe-Sexy partner.  If a partner thinks it’s weird, or they feel threatened, gently remind them of how much work it can save them to have a buddy on the O-team!  And don’t forget to run it over their parts too, so they feel included!

But safety first! Remember, you don’t need a partner to have the greatest safe-sex!  You will, however, benefit from good (& well-placed) vibrations on your external (outside) genitals.  “Good vibrations” can be felt by rubbing your fingers slowly or quickly, and gently or firmly, back/forth, up/down, circling, or in a tapping motion on the erectile tissue, e.g. clitoris, scrotum, penis, nipples– running a jet of water from bathtub hose onto them, or using a well-chosen store-bought vibrator.  Don’t forget to keep toys clean.


Follow @DrTeresaWood on Twitter for more WOWs about a Safe Sexy Life!

TUNE IN NEXT MONTH for Dr. Teresa’s WOWs (Words of Wisdom) on finding the right VIBE for self-love or shared-love.  VIBES: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.



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