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Nov Winner

November Winner

A big congrats to Sara White and Dom Gillespie for finding the Beaver! Enjoy your jump with Whistler Bungee.

Their tip to all you hunters out there… ‘You gotta dig through the bush to find the beaver!’

Next hunt begins Thursday December 19th.


NEW Nov 14 Pic Clue FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND!

The Beaver has been found! Where? Under the little wooden awning roof thing on the side of the Whistler Museum.

Clue #1.  If this spot were a recording artist it would sing about multiple dark hued cadillacs, and also a ’90s film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Jeff Bridges.

… Carrie Underwood sings “Two Black Cadillacs” and “Blown Away”.  The beaver is hidden under wood.

Clue #2.  Mr. Biv is probably the engineer…

… There is a mural next to the hiding spot of a train on what appears to be some sort of rainbow road.  Mr. Biv refers to Roy G. Biv of rainbow colour acronym fame.  He’d be the engineer of a train on a rainbow. Probably.

Clue #3. …Of this Trainbow!

… See number 2.

Clue #4. If you’re curious about the evolution of skiing and you don’t feel like googling it, you can now come here for some tactile, three dimensional edification.

… There is a brand new exhibit at the Whistler Museum about the Evolution of Skiing.


November Prize

WIN!!! Thanks to Whistler Bungee. You could have 4 gift certificates for 1 bungee jump each valued at $130/jump including tax. Total value – a big fat $520 including tax!!

Whistler’s Ultimate Adrenaline Rush! Often voted by Whistler locals as the most extreme activity in Whistler, Whistler Bungee provides an exhilarating, adrenaline filled rush that no other activity can compare to. Whistler Bungee gives thrill seekers an unforgettable experience by jumping 160ft over the glacial fed Cheakamus River. Come experience what thousands of jumpers each year find as a thrill of a lifetime!

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