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November winner

November Winner

Conrgrats to Brad Dydynsky! Beaver finder for November.

He found it in the pouring rain.  He suggests ‘Even if it’s pouring rain (and the beaver is getting wet), don’t give up!’


Nov Found pic

Beaver Status – FOUND!

Dec. 3rd 2012:

Well there you have it. The beaver has been found. There seems to be some smart people out there…

Excuse the photo. Obviously it’s all covered in snow now. Seasons are a changing!! He was hiding in the corner of lot 3 by the skate park.


Clue #4:  If Lot 2 was an envelope and you were facing east-ish, this would be the return address.

*This one had a typo. Lot 2 was supposed to say lot 3.  The beaver was in the upper left corner of the lot. Good thing some of you are smart!

Clue #3:  Nearby, is the only park in town where law enforcement officers can be accurately labeled crooked.

*The skate park.  A “crooked cop” is a trick.

Clue #2:  Dogs, large congregations of snowflakes, empty nutella jars:  Apparently, these are all things that are of a sizable threat to the passing of this test.

*There’s a sign very close by that says “This is a drinking water quality testing site. Please do not drop litter or dog waste bags here.”. On that same pole is another sign that says no snow dumping.

Clue #1:  Oh really?  At this altitude?  That’s a brazen claim!

*There’s a sticker on the thing that the beaver is leaning against that says “top of the world”.

Whistler Bungee

November Prize

WIN!!! Thanks to Whistler Bungee. You could have 4 gift certificates for 1 bungee jump each valued at $130/jump including tax. Total value a big fat $520 including tax!!

Whistler’s Ultimate Adrenaline Rush! Often voted by Whistler locals as the most extreme activity in Whistler, Whistler Bungee provides an exhilarating, adrenaline filled rush that no other activity can compare to. Whistler Bungee gives thrill seekers an unforgettable experience by jumping 160ft over the glacial fed Cheakamus River. Come experience what thousands of jumpers each year find as a thrill of a lifetime!


Safe-Sexy Tip for November

SAFE SEXY VIBES:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Welcome to Welcome Week in Whistler: Where People and Viruses come to Party and Play!  We REALLY want you to have SO MUCH FUN here, AND we want you to go home happy and healthy!!  Our Safe Sexy Tips are designed to help enhance your sex life, while reminding you of important things, like:  that cold sores like lips of all varieties… and penises too!

Last month, we uncovered that the human body (all genders) is covered with vibration sensors that are strongest around the female and male EXTERNAL (not internal) genitalia.  Lots of people focus on intercourse for sex, because, well, that’s all we were ever allowed to talk about—or not talk about really loud.  But vibrators or fast-moving fingertips all over the clitoris, nipples, scrotum, penis, and perineum can make intercourse seem like it’s missing some really important points!  ‘Cause it is!  And vibration sex can cause pleasure beyond measure!  So this month, we are covering what kind of vibration aids (vibrators) one might buy if their water bills are getting too high from bathtub hose use at home.   (Please read Sept & Oct Safe-Sexy Tip for more background!)

A Good Vibrating toy does not replace your desire to meet the right sex partner someday.  But it can certainly curb hormone-driven, peer-pressured, substance-altered questionable choices on the matter!  Image yourself as an aware, satisfied, self-sufficient being, who only chooses partners who stand a chance of raising the bar on your “alone time”!

So let’s set the bar high:

A Good Vibrating toy fits YOUR preferences, lasts a good while (but never forever, sadly), and stimulates your erectile tissue, while you… enjoy!  So, if you usually like penetration, you want toys that penetrate, and are made of SAFE MATERIAL for such things; if you like G-spot play, find a toy that does that.  Don’t be afraid to read up on them, and read customer reviews at Safe, Sexy, Women Positive/ Men Positive /Sex Positive sites like or

If you want quality, remember that, historically, Japanese & German machines are known for their enduring, quality rides! I’m not just talking about vehicles…  Also, a few great small companies have made clitoral and erectile tissue pleasure their focus.  Great results can be expected.

In general, most women need clitoral stimulation of some sort for orgasm, so don’t miss this VERY IMPORTANT point, amidst the distractions! The Mini Pearl (~28$) is an excellent, cheap, clitoris vibe, with a U-dial control, so you can increase or decrease vibration frequency as your clitoris’ mood changes—because it will. Or, for the all-time classic champion external vibrator:  Hitachi Magic Wand (~80$) is a durable, long-lasting, hardy favorite, which doubles as a body massager—how it was originally marketed!

Couples benefit from hands-free toys like the (not cheap, but verrrry interesting) cock ring/ clitoris stimulator: Mio by Je Joue.  Or its MUCH CHEAPER cousin:  O-joy.

For those who like penetration and/or G-spot attention while vibrating where it counts, on the outside, check out the variety of Rabbit vibes: Horny Hare, Aqua Rabbit that do IT ALL (~60-125$).  Read some reviews, see what they do, explore!

ALWAYS clean your vibes between uses as directed on packaging.  And ALWAYS use condoms on your toys, if they are ever shared or if they are made of porous material that can house body fluids!  (Silicone is a non-porous option, so very easy to keep clean.  Please note:  DO NOT use silicone lube with Silicone toys, as they will break down.)

And don’t forget to thank yourself regularly for the great time you had… alone!    Remember:  Alone is not Lonely!   Alone is HOT, Safe and Sexy.  Besides, you gain good knowledge to share with someone else who’s worth it, when they arrive in your life.

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