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November Clue #1

Our wood loving friend was staying warm by cunningly hiding in the village, under the bridge by Rebagliati Park.

1st Clue was
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang about this type of spot, but, specifically, this one is adjacent to a park.


November Prize

Whistler Bungee is delighted to provide two WHISTLER BUNGEE GIFT CERTIFICATES as a prize for the month of November.  The Gift Certificate holders will receive a Bungee Jump & Whistler Bungee T-shirt upon presentation of the card on the day of the jump.
They will also become life time member with their first jump, giving them a special reduced rate for any further jumps for the rest of their life.


Safe-Sexy Tip for November

‘Tis the season to be merry! They say the holiday season has the highest pregnancy rates of the year!  Apparently people try to keep warm any way they can!  Staying  warm?  Visit the S.A.F.E clinic = sexual health services and FREE CONDOMS!

  • SAFE is located upstairs in the Whistler Health Care Centre behind Marketplace opposite of IGA.
  • SAFE is open Tuesdays 4:30 – 7:30 PM throughout the year and most Thursdays 5 – 7 PM (Dec. – April)
  • NO CHARGE:   HIV, Syphillis, Hep B & C testing, Hep B immunizations, antibiotics for treatment of certain STI’s, sexual health counseling and referral.
  • Morning after pill = $20
  • Home Pregnancy Test: $3
  • Well done. You found clue number two. At the end of the fence. That’s perfect for counting sheep.
  • IUD and contraceptive supplies …prices vary.
  • Go to Links/Resources  on this site for a detailed list of  their services… under the SAFE-SEXY .

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