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May winner

May Winner

Congrats to Fish Chang!! Her secret hunting skills? Marcus the dog.



Congrats to Fish (Michelle) Chang for founding the beaver! Sad it wasn’t you? Don’t worry. You can look for him again in June. Next hunt starts June 7th!

Where was he?

 Hidden in-between the wall and earth of the Millennium Place (My Place) building!

Clue #3: Han Solo probably named this place.

Clue #2: It frequently smells like cholrine here, but there’s no pool in site.

Clue #1: If I asked you to come over, you could accidentally end up here.

Yama Logo good

May Prize

Win a 3 month unlimited yoga pass to Yama Yoga! Enjoy a variety of styles with vinyasa/flow, yoga pilates, hatha, restorative, yin and foundations classes offered weekly by knowledgeable, passionate teachers. Located in the Alpen Glow on Main St. across from 711. Value of $336.


Safe-Sexy Tip for May

With spring here it’s great to give your car a little lovin after the harsh winter.  Oil change, lube job, air filter… Why not do the same for yourself?  Bit of a springtime maintenance program at the Safe-Clinic in the Medical Centre behind Marketplace.  Get hooked up with all kinds of contraceptives for a discounted rate, STI examinations that are mellow, you’ll feel relieved once it’s done.  Let’s not forget pregnancy evaluations and home tests for a fraction of the price anywhere else.  It’s your one-stop-shop sexual health style, check out their info here or call the Safe-Clinic.

Safe-Clinic’s New springtime & summer hours  – Tuesdays 4:30 – 7:30PM. Info @ Find The Beaver .com

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