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January found

January Clues and Found Location

Where was the beaver you ask? Under the Delta Whistler Village Suite’s log. Get the clues now!? We heard many of you were close. Maybe next time…

The Clues were:

Clue #3:  Attempting to walk across this log could result in a terrible grass stain!

Clue #2: Bravo Roger. Nice planking!

Clue #1: Dangerously wiggling vapour system

Club Shred monthly Prize January

January Prize

Do you like shopping!? Well this month may be your lucky day! Thanks to Club Shred if it’s you who’s the first to find the beaver you will get $200 to spend in ANY Whistler/Blackcomb store like Showcase, Can-Ski etc. And thats on anything you want! Like a new pair of rain pants. Or glove warmers! Whatever tickles your fancy.  It’s yours… If you find the beaver first…


Safe-Sexy Tip for January

Dams aren’t just for beavers!  Yep! Ever heard of a dental dam?  Great way to safeguard yourself from STI’s (those pesky cold sores for one) gifted through oral sex. What are these trusty contraptions?  Dental dams are rectangular pieces of latex that are used for oral sex on the vagina.  Heck, in a tight squeeze you can slice a condom down the centre, open that up and use that.  It creates a safer alternative during oral sex, kinda like using a condom but placed over the vagina… STI’s don’t only stay around the genitals people.  All we’re saying is try and minimize the risks as much as possible while having fun…  Hey, why not give a damn… use a dam!

CHECK OUT THE RESOURCES PAGE ON THIS SITE: Need to know where to get free condoms, health advice, less expensive birth control, chat with a nurse free of charge any time, find a good local doctor… your one stop shop to sexual health resources and other info in and around Whistler. Local or visitor alike… the goods are there for you to use!


Dec Winner Pic w banner

Beaver Status: Found. Dec 15th, 11am.

December’s Winner: Jessica Jones originally Brisbane Australia has been living it up in Whistler for 3 years. Congrats Jessica. Enjoy your $250 voucher to TAG!

Jessica’s reason for Beaver Hunting: “I am destined to win The Amazing Race someday so hunting beavers is awesome practice.”

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