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Hey everyone… after 8 days out in the field our little Beaver has been found yet again!  At this stage you gotta be fast or we’re just gonna have to get a little more cryptic for you all!

This months winner… LAURA GRUNDY!  Way to go.

Where was it?  Outside the Carleton Lodge… the snowmobile parked outside… in it’s belly, under the tracks!

Way to go Laura.. you are our 4th winner this season…

See the Beaver Schedule for the next hunt start date.

photo february found

February’s Clues

Clue #2: In the belly of the beast.  And this really can be a beast

Clue #1: If only horses could wear snowshoes…

**Stay tuned for a bonus clue on Sunday!!

January Prize

February Prize

$341.60 gift certificate to Whistler Alpine Guides – Whether your looking for a day of guided backcountry skiing or splitboarding, or an AST Course to sharpen your skills when you go out on your own, use this gift certificate to have your backcountry winter adventure with Whistler Alpine Guides.  All rentals included.


Safe-Sexy Tip for February

What is the best gift you can give or receive this Valentines’ Day? A FREE Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea test! Every THURSDAY during the month of FEBRUARY from 1-7 PM at The SAFE Clinic withVancouver Coastal Health (upstairs in Whistler Healthcare Centre). 

 Easy as 1, 2, PEE

  • 1 – Pick up your kit @ Vancouver Coastal Health (upstairs in the Whistler Healthcare Centre)
  • 2 – Follow the Easy Pee-zy instructions
  • 3 – Return your sample for a FREE test

THURSDAYS during the month of FEBRUARY 1-7 PM only (You don’t even have to talk to anyone!)

 Cool, I know some people I can tell about that… but me, I got no symptoms”  

No excuses, with Chlamydia, MOST people don’t know they have it.  In fact, at the SAFE Clinic almost 18% of tests done in the last 3 months of 2011 showed Chlamydia. That’s almost one in FIVE, more than double the usual.  That was even before New Years and Australia day! You could be spreading it around town, without even knowin’ it.

 Whoa, I’d rather not know

Better to find out, cuz it could be causing you some silent damage.  Besides, it’s easy to treat and the antibiotics are FREE too! If you’ve had sex, you should get yourself a test.  Plus there’s a free BONUS with this great Valentine’s gift. Easy Pee-zy also tests for Gonorrhoea. And there’s more of that goin’ around  town  too.

 CHECK OUT THE RESOURCES PAGE ON THIS SITE: Need to know where to get free condoms, health advice, less expensive birth control, chat with a nurse free of charge any time, find a good local doctor… your one stop shop to sexual health resources and other info in and around Whistler. Local or visitor alike… the goods are there for you to use!

Winner January

Beaver Status: FOUND

Beaver Status: FOUND Sunday January 15th.

January’s Winner: Congrats to Robert Chisholm for out witting everyone. He now has $200 to spend at any Whistler Blackcomb store thanks to Club Shred. Don’t forget to buy your girlfriend something Robert…

Robert’s advantage? He gave a dam, and found the beaver.

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