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Dec winner

Decembers Winner

A big CONGRATS to Stacey Taylor who was on it this month. She’s one smart hunter and was able to find the beaver with only a few clues.  Did you have help from that guy on the tv!? Well done!

She’s one lucky winner of a 3 Hour Snowmobile Tour for 2 with TAG – The Adventure Group Whistler valued @ $510!

Dec 14 Pic Clue FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND!

Yup. It’s true. The beaver has been located. Stumped on where he was hiding?? Here are the details!

CLUE #1:  A man surfed Waikoko’s every day and then decided to buy a house. So, a little misinformed, he came here first.

Explanation:  Waikoko’s is on the North Shore of Kauai.  Buying a house usually requires a bank loan. North Shore Credit Union.

CLUE #2:  Thihs klew iz en udder dezzaster.

Explanation:  it’s across from Cow’s.

CLUE #3.  A woman wearing a sweater and a hat was eating an icecream cone. She spilled some of it on her diamond necklace.  “I wasn’t banking on that!” she exclaimed, although secretly she was.

Explanation:  Surrounding this location are Amos and Ande’s sweater shop, the Hat Gallery, Cow’s, Keir Fine, and the Credit Union bank.

CLUE #4.  A flat little bridge that can lead you to money.

Explanation:  the concrete walkway that leads to the bank.

December Prize

December Prize

This month, if you find the beaver you get to choose from any 3 Hour Snowmobile Tour for 2 valued @ $510!

Welcome to TAG – The Adventure Group Whistler! Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or a casual stroll through the back-country, step into our world to experience the best that Whistler has to offer.
This months prize…TAG is pleased to offer Any 3 Hour Snowmobile Tour at Cougar Mountain for two people. The safety of our guests is paramount to us and we encourage everyone in Whistler to play safe this holiday season on and off the snow!

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