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December Winner

Decembers Winner


That was a close one. We were beginning to worry that the beaver would get lost in all that snow!

Emma’s Tip on finding the beaver…

“Just pick one clue and try and come up with a bunch of answers and see what happens!”   As it stands Emma’s had more luck landing the Whistler Beaver than wrangling herself a  sugar daddy, but says “when I do I’ll be able to give him tips on finding the beaver!”

December Found

Beaver Status – FOUND

Oh Sh*t. Someone found the beaver.

Where was he you may ask? On a rock shelf behind a bunch of lit up trees surrounding the Sidecut sign for The Four Season’s on the northeast corner of the three-way that leads up to The Four Seasons/The Chateau. To be exact.

Here are the clues explained…

Clue #4: This sign looks like it should designate a tuning shop or a misunderstanding of volleyball terms, but instead: fine dining?

** Behind the Sidecut sign.

Clue #3: Between a rock and a hard place. But the hard place is another rock.

** Seriously. It’s between two rocks

Clue #2: Through a literal manifestation of the name of a popular steep zone on Whistler.

** Christmas trees.

Clue #1: A stick snowman from above will guide you.

**  There’s a banner on the lamppost which leads to a pseudo path between the trees.

December Prize

December Prize

This month, if you find the beaver you get to choose from any 3 Hour Snowmobile Tour for 2 valued @ $510!

Welcome to TAG – The Adventure Group Whistler! Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or a casual stroll through the back-country, step into our world to experience the best that Whistler has to offer.
This months prize…TAG is pleased to offer Any 3 Hour Snowmobile Tour at Cougar Mountain for two people. The safety
of our guests is paramount to us and we encourage everyone in Whistler to play safe this holiday season on and off the snow!


Safe-Sexy Tip for December


Welcome to Winter in Whistler!  Or if you are joining us from elsewhere, Willkommen,  歡迎光臨, Bienvenue, Добро пожаловать, Bienvenidos, ようこそ, Välkomna!

Moods and mounds of snow are on the up and up, as the rainforest’s November morphs into white-powder December!!  Don’t forget that if you are in Whistler, or any other resort town or metropolitan area, you always want to leave here as healthy as you came.  Be safe, not sorry–in sex and snow!

Safe Sexy Tips by Dr. Teresa will continue to cover HOT topics to help you stay healthy in your choices, and at the top of your game, through the winter in Whistler–or wherever you are reading this!

This winter we will cover the important theme of Making Safe Sex… Wetter!  Yup, you heard me.  There are many topics to cover in this area, and we will take them one at a time.

1) Intro to Body Fluids

2) Foreplay & fluids

3) To Lube or not to Lube

4) Jack & Jane (Need to knows Re: ejaculation & female ejaculation).

So tune in next month for session one on Wetter Sex is Better Sex.  In the mean time, go get tested!  You are entering one of the most active areas in the world for outdoor activities, and also indoor activities.  We see more new cases of Chlamydia and Herpes here than almost anywhere.  Don’t be silly.  Be safe.  You have come to a place where helmets are considered COOL, and condoms HOT.  Don’t be foolish: if you play here, play safe, covered that HEAD!

Visit the SAFE CLINIC in Whistler Health Care Center, or any other medical clinic in town, wherever you live, for sexual health screening.  You can ask for an STI screen (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and this will screen for HIV, hepatitis A/B/C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis.  It will not screen for Herpes, but if you are worried about Herpes, or anything else, talk to us:  Sexual Health Nurses, Doctors, Therapists, Health educators.  Talk to us about how to protect against, prevent, treat or deal with any of these infections.

Most importantly: You came here to LIVE!  WEAR YOUR HELMETS AND LATEX!

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