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December Clues and Found Location


Good thing that Jessica found the beaver. It was starting to get a little cold buried in the snow under the big blue chairs just behind the library.

The clues were:

Clue #1:  You’re my boy, Blue!”

Clue # 2: Pages and pages of information on one side, and dead fish on the other.

Next Hunt starts Thursday January 5th.

December Prize

December Prize

$250 gift certificate for TAG… Amazing times…Snowmobile, Horse drawn sleigh rides, Snowshoe, Zipline, Rafting or ATV adventures to name a few!   You choose!  Great for 2 people if you’re feeling generous.  Perfect X-MAS gift or go old school, impress someone and make it a date night!


Safe-sexy Tip for December

“Winter’s back and it’s cold out there. As your mom once said “put a hat on or you’ll get sick…” Same goes for your genitals! You heard right… STI’s don’t descriminate…wear a condom – oral sex, anal sex, intercourse.. the works… put a cap on it!

CHECK OUT THE RESOURCES PAGE ON THIS SITE: Need to know where to get free condoms, health advice, less expensive birth control, chat with a nurse free of charge any time, find a good local doctor… your one stop shop to sexual health resources and other info in and around Whistler. Local or visitor alike… the goods are there for you to use!

November Winner

Beaver Status: Found

November Winner: Alex Hoare of New Zealand (21)

Alex’s tip to beaver hunting
Many years of sniffing out ‘the beaver’ gave me the necessary skills to find it

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