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Aug winner

August Winner

WOW… guess who found the beaver!  Last month his girlfriend won but he got his revenge and found the beaver himself!  Way to go Ashley!

Aug Found pic

Beaver Status – FOUND!

Beaver update. Hate to break it to you but it’s been found. I know you put so much effort into finding this one and someone beat you to it. Don’t worry. There will be more opportunities ;)

He was hiding in the bush. Cause we all know beavers like bush. By the bridge that comes off Northlands Blvd across from McDonald’s. See if the Clues make sense to you now!!!

Clue #4: Kitty corner from the only place in town that features arches made from precious metals. (which was not released..)

McDonald’s Golden Arches.

Clue#3: Travelling west from mediterranean cuisine, if you encounter a member of northern constellations you’ve gone just a bit too far

Opa. Cross Northlands Blvd and you hit Northstar Stoney Creek Accommodations if you’ve gone too far.

Clue #2:  If you wanted to put in a solid hang with Odin, you’d have to first cross this bridge.

Clue #1:  In the foliage by a body of water whose origins are not questionably not from a source that couldn’t be considered unnatural (in a movie where nothing wasn’t the opposite), and that also isn’t not moving.

Go check it out.

Core Logo

August Prize

This months prize is a 3 month pass to the Core!

Find the beaver and be the one to benefit from 3-months of unlimited access to their treadmills, stairmasters, ellipticals, cross trainers, fully equipped weight room with kettle bells, sandbags. dumbbells and Olympic lifting weights or test yourself on one of the challenging climbing routes and boulder problems. A big value of $324.80 !!

‘At the heart of the Village, beneath streets and walkways, is a place that embodies Whistler living. The Core is Whistler’s premier fitness facility, created by locals and designed for the world. Our unique activity zones feature a huge climbing area, free weights, cardio equipment and two fitness studios for indoor cycling, yoga, circuit, zumba and many other classes. All this so you can train for life in this crazy town, keep in shape while you’re visiting or drop off the kids for some supervised fun, climbing all over our walls. We’ll tailor experiences for groups and individuals. We offer outdoor adventures too, with unmatched local knowledge and experience.’


Safe-Sexy Tip for August

Just in!!!!  Alcohol is still the most frequently implicated in substance-assisted sexual assault, even over any date rape drug.  So hang on to your drinks, pass up those drinks you’re offered that you haven’t seen poured and why not get your wing man/women to keep an eye out for ya!

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