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April winner

April Winner

Congrats to Dhana Cravalho! She’s super stoked to have found it… Now it’s BOUNCE time!!

April Found

Beaver Status… FOUND!


Nice work Dhana Cravalho… she worked hard to find it.   

Next Hunt starts May 3rd. 


Clue #3: Two fanatics riding the mountain one day, decided to go into business. Fanatyk Co Ski and Bikes 

Clue #2:   Ancient greece is a place where they may have considered a good clue to be a gnomon, since gnomon is ancient greek for “indicator”.  Gnomon means Sundial. Sundial Hotel…

Clue #1:  Village has a sister.  And her name is Lois. Lois Lane. Village Lane.


Bounce monthly prize

April Prize

25x pass to BOUNCE

12 trampolines, 1 foam pit = LOTS OF FUN! Need we say more!? 

Valued at $260. Drop in is $15.


Safe-Sexy Tip for April

We are often taught about the importance of learning how to say “No” when it comes to sex… But we’ve rarely been told/taught how to express our wants and desires… Or how to fully embrace our sexual pleasure.

Practice telling your partner what you like, what you would like more of, and how you feel about various sexual acts. It will help you feel closer, more open, and enhance your satisfaction… both sexually and relationally.

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