March Pic FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND

One day before Clue #3 is released, someone goes and finds the beaver! Where was he hiding?? On top of and behind the middle wooden support beam for the rafters of the bus stop behind IGA.


Clue #1. Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon were once these, together.

* They were rafters in the movie “A River Wild”

Clue #2. We’ve got a video for you. Below. In the Safe-Sexy section. Watch it. There might be some insight to where The Beavers hiding in there…

* In badminton, the birdie is also known as a shuttlecock. Cocks are roosters. So a shuttlecock without “the rooster part” would just be a shuttle.

Clue #3. …they come to a stop. Sometimes near the Iguana Arena.

* Shuttle stop. Near the IGA.

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