February Found

Beaver Status – FOUND

It took a bit. Glad we had you all stumped for a while! The Beaver was hiding behind the Sundial Hotel sign that sits near the rear door of Showcase.

Clue #1. As stated in the video below… Sometimes the key to enlightenment lays within the shadows.

- Knowledge of the time of day could be discerned by reading the shadow cast by a sundial.

Clue #2. Ancient surfers probably stopped using these when they moved to Hawaii…

- An exchange in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has the surf instructor, Kunu, explain that he doesn’t wear a watch anymore, since moving to Hawaii. Ancient surfers didn’t have watches, but maybe they had sundials?

Clue #3. You know, ‘cause the hustle and bustle of the usual mainland “rat‐race” was no longer a concern of theirs.

- Kunu eventually explains that he doesn’t need a watch ‘cause his cellphone shows the time anyway.


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