Dec 14 Pic Clue FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND!

Yup. It’s true. The beaver has been located. Stumped on where he was hiding?? Here are the details!

CLUE #1:  A man surfed Waikoko’s every day and then decided to buy a house. So, a little misinformed, he came here first.

Explanation:  Waikoko’s is on the North Shore of Kauai.  Buying a house usually requires a bank loan. North Shore Credit Union.

CLUE #2:  Thihs klew iz en udder dezzaster.

Explanation:  it’s across from Cow’s.

CLUE #3.  A woman wearing a sweater and a hat was eating an icecream cone. She spilled some of it on her diamond necklace.  “I wasn’t banking on that!” she exclaimed, although secretly she was.

Explanation:  Surrounding this location are Amos and Ande’s sweater shop, the Hat Gallery, Cow’s, Keir Fine, and the Credit Union bank.

CLUE #4.  A flat little bridge that can lead you to money.

Explanation:  the concrete walkway that leads to the bank.

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