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Go with the FLOW: Fabulous February Foreplay For Wetter/Better Sex

Happy Valentine’s Month Whistler & the rest of our World Readers! You are reading the 3rd entry of Wetter Sex is Better Sex, part of Dr. Teresa’s Safe Sexy Tips in the Find the Beaver Program. Hopefully, you’ve read September and October’s entries on this site, and FOUND YOUR OWN BEAVER, and if not, scroll down (or look down!) and start to get to know yourself. Because to know yourself is to love yourself, and if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. This is not just a cliché. This is a fundamental step to Wetter/Better Sex for women and men. (Please read September’s Safe Sexy tip over and over, & over and over.)

In February, Whistler hosts PRIDE week! YIPPIE! And if there’s one thing straight people should learn from the same-sex lovers out there, it’s that FOREPLAY IS THE SEX for so many men and women who are having SO MUCH HOT SEXY FUN out there!

That’s right! Too many straight people got duped into the “procreation/avoid procreation” conversation, and the focus stayed on intercourse—as if that’s what sex was about! What lesbians could teach any straight guy smart enough to pay attention is that SO MUCH HOT WET SEX can happen without intercourse or penetration at all! In fact, penetration isn’t a necessary part, and rarely a sufficient part, of orgasm or ejaculation for many people—at least 50% of the population!

Not that there’s anything wrong with penetration! In fact women and men all over the world do admit they love getting penetrated, once they are adequately prepared, reasonably lubed, and literally asking for it. In the meantime, or alternatively, there are LOTS of things hands, fingers, lips, tongues and bodies can do that bring the likelihood of orgasm to climactic highs, and make the over-cuddles of sexual frustration a sad truth of the past. Consider that Foreplay is NOT the play before the Sex. Consider that it IS the sex you and your loved ones have been wishing for. This can be a safer way to have lots of sexier outcums and Wetter/Better Sex!


You don’t need fancy toys (although these can be fun!) Your hands are the best sex toys—and they’re FREE! Dexterous! Delicious! Make sure they are clean! Keep your nails trimmed—at least on one hand! Make sure the fingers don’t go back to front (vaginas & urethras don’t do well with bum bacteria… so remember which fingers went where, and keep it that way! Even if you’re wearing gloves—which you should do, unless you are lovers for life!)

Compared to the ins and outs of regular intercourse, there are many advantages & new angles & actions of a twosome or a threesome or a foursome of FINGERS! Be dexterous! Or better yet ambidextrous! And don’t forget the thumbs! OPPOSABLE THUMBS, folks, is one of our evolutionary advantages! USE THEM!

There are words to whisper, breasts to caress, tongues to linger over sensitive areas, fingers to dip, liquids to spread, erectile tissue to moisten, G-spots to stimulate, cervices to tickle, lips to smack, wet glans to rub against palms, etc etc. Why move to intercourse so quickly? There is so much hot wet foreplay=sex to be had…!

And remember, your mouths usually just eat and talk. Your hands have many more muscles. You can use your hands MOSTLY and just put your mouth nearby for WETTER hand motions and activities. Let your hands do the rub a dubbing and your tongue just hang out for a while. You’ll last a lot longer that way.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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