Find The Beaver

Find The Beaver

Hello.  Are you tired of strolling around and not looking for treasure?  Well things are about to change my friend!

Welcome to ‘FIND THE BEAVER’.  We (see founding groups) have taken it upon ourselves to give the residents of Whistler a reason to solve clues and hunt for treasure, except that when we say “treasure” we really mean “Victor”.

You see, each month, we are going to hide Victor, our resident 7-inch tall ceramic beaver, somewhere in the Whistler Village area. Then, using clues found in our ads in the local newspapers, and on our website, it’s up to you to track him down, and return him to us for a lucrative reward-prize, valuing often in the hundreds of dollars.  These prizes, donated by local businesses, will range anywhere from fancy dinners to outdoor adventures to brand new skiing and snowboarding equipment. Treasures that even the most connected folks in town would have trouble getting their wild little hands on. Hot damn!

Along with the cryptic tips we’ll give you, you’ll also find some information about sexual health, to make sure you know what’s up.  Everyone loves health, and there are definitely a few people out there that are interested in sex.  So why not combine them, right?

So stay sharp, be safe, and stop at nothing to make sure you are the lucky tracker that hunts down the majestic, the noble, the illustrious beaver.


This Month’s Prize?

Find the Beaver and win a Lost Lake Cross Country Ski Pass and a 6 month pass to Meadow Park Sports Centre. Enjoy the majestic trails of Lost Lake and keep fit at Meadow Parks’ state of the art gym facility.




November 2015

Clue # 1

“This song bird was puzzled as well”


Clue # 2

“You wouldn’t be able to fit a car in here”






One more hunt left this season! Will you be the lucky beaver finder!?

Stay tuned. Next hunt starts Thursday April 2nd at 12pm.

Scroll down below to see past winners, prizes, safe-sexy tips and previous beaver hiding locations!

March Pic FOUND

Beaver Status – FOUND

One day before Clue #3 is released, someone goes and finds the beaver! Where was he hiding?? On top of and behind the middle wooden support beam for the rafters of the bus stop behind IGA.


Clue #1. Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon were once these, together.

* They were rafters in the movie “A River Wild”

Clue #2. We’ve got a video for you. Below. In the Safe-Sexy section. Watch it. There might be some insight to where The Beavers hiding in there…

* In badminton, the birdie is also known as a shuttlecock. Cocks are roosters. So a shuttlecock without “the rooster part” would just be a shuttle.

Clue #3. …they come to a stop. Sometimes near the Iguana Arena.

* Shuttle stop. Near the IGA.

monthly prize March

March Prize

Hey You! Yes You. Do you want to fly!? Or go DEEP!?

If the answer is yes, then you’re going to want to find The Beaver this month!!

You could win some mad stuff from The Adventure Group.

Like Ziplining or Snowmobiling for you and your friend. A prize worth over $500. That’d be pretty sweet hey…

Good luck!!

Safe-Sexy Tip for March

LUNA. Have you heard of it? It stands for ‘Late and Unique Nighttime Alternatives’. You should check it out.


Did you know that we’ve posted over 25 posts on sexual awareness and safe sex!?

From information on STD’s to how to spice up your sex. Have a read of some old posts! You’ll be amazed at what you may learn…


Feb Winners


Here are your proud February winners!! Congrats Darragh & Jamie!

Watch for them in the back country, as they’ll know what they’re doing thanks to  Whistler Alpine Guides.

Be smart out there and sign yourself up for the AST1 course!!

February Found

Beaver Status – FOUND

It took a bit. Glad we had you all stumped for a while! The Beaver was hiding behind the Sundial Hotel sign that sits near the rear door of Showcase.

Clue #1. As stated in the video below… Sometimes the key to enlightenment lays within the shadows.

- Knowledge of the time of day could be discerned by reading the shadow cast by a sundial.

Clue #2. Ancient surfers probably stopped using these when they moved to Hawaii…

- An exchange in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has the surf instructor, Kunu, explain that he doesn’t wear a watch anymore, since moving to Hawaii. Ancient surfers didn’t have watches, but maybe they had sundials?

Clue #3. You know, ‘cause the hustle and bustle of the usual mainland “rat‐race” was no longer a concern of theirs.

- Kunu eventually explains that he doesn’t need a watch ‘cause his cellphone shows the time anyway.


monthly prize Feb

February’s Prize

Be safe in the backcountry!

This months prize is brought to you by the Whistler Alpine Guides. You could be the winner of two gift certificates for the AST1 courses!!

This two day industry-leading AST 1 course is an introduction to avalanche rescue skills and the principles of safe travel in the backcountry. After a day of class and a day in the field you will learn what gear you need and how to use it, how to read the terrain and conditions, and how to rescue a buried companion.


Safe-Sexy Tip for February

‘No questions are out of bounds’ for the Outreach Staff at Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS).

WCSS provides free confidential outreach support for youth, adults, and families in Whistler. Contact them if you are experiencing challenges with hunger, housing, drug and alcohol misuse, employment, eating disorders, relationships, roommate conflict, mental health/illness, homesickness or any other problem affecting your well being.

If you have questions about the Outreach Program, please contact Davin Moore Outreach Supervisor,, 604-938-3902.

Check out the WCSS website as well, as they offer all kinds of other amazing programs!

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